9 golden recommendations to get successful results in the exams

22 March 2017

achieve successful results.

Yet mostly exam panic and preparation of an applicant loaded by trainings with a few teachers to be a student or a person who is currently a student of any university leaves nutrition in the background which badly affects their performance in the examinations.

In this regard, I would like to give a few recommendations to make a positive impact on your performance in the examinations: 

1. Definitely have breakfast and follow it regularly every day including exam days. According to studies, the students who do not have breakfast mostly have lack of attention, headache and fatigue, because our body and brain that remains hungry since night needs energy in the morning. Eating eggs in the morning is of great importance.


2. Avoid excessively sugary and salty food; prefer milky sweets when you want to eat sweets and use dry fruits (fig, apricot, currants)


3. Reduce consumption of caffeine drinks. Do not use it particularly in the evening. Instead, drink herbal tea.


4. Avoid foods that are sold open that can cause poisoning.


5. Consume fish 3-4 times a week 2 weeks left to examination, because omega3 fatty acids will improve your mental performance. Eat red meat and chicken meat the other days.


6. Consume fresh fruits for snacks. 


7. 3-4 pieces of walnut or a handful of almonds can improve your memory and reduce your exam stress.


8. It is recommended to avoid foods that cause digestion problems or flatulence a day before the exam.


9. Remember drinking plenty of water!


We wish you to get successful results for the sake of bright and healthy future of our country,

Your doctor-dietitian Tutu Zeynalova